International Pearl Design Competition 2011

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Please note - deadline for IPDC 2011 has passed

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Source: The Cultured Pearl Association of America, Inc.Providence, Rhode Island, U.S.A.
Contact: Kathy Grenier, Director of Marketing

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The Cultured Pearl Association of America announces Winners of the 2011-2012 IPDC, International Pearl Design Contest

Providence, RI –November 1, 2011

Francis Mastoloni, President of the Cultured Pearl Association of America, Inc. proudly announces the winner of CPAA’S 2011-2012 International Design competition. “We are very happy with the success of this year’s competition, entries from 11 countries we received” Mr. Mastoloni reported.

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Presidents Trophy 2011PRESIDENTS TROPHY

The highest honor awarded to a design that unanimously captivated judges as the best of the best. 

Joel Greene of Bristol, RI


 IPDC President's Trophy 2011PRESIDENTS TROPHY

The highest honor awarded to a design that unanimously captivated judges as the best of the best. 

“Shades of Paradise”
Jorge Adeler, Adeler Jewelers, Great Falls, VA


IPDC 2011 Luster AwardLUSTER AWARD 
Award is given to the entry that is judged “most marketable” of all the entries in the competition. This design will have the most overall appeal for the retail marketplace.

“Swirl Earrings with Pearls”
Barbara Heinrich, Barbara Heinrich Studio of Pittsford, NY


IPDC 2011 Designers AwardDESIGNERS AWARD
Given to the entry that takes pearls to the far corners of the imagination and beyond (originality).

Anita Dickey, Dallas, TX


IPDC 2011 Brilliance AwardBRILLIANCE AWARD
Given to the entry that best illustrates the spectrum of pearl colors in the most beautiful way.

“Shades of Paradise”
Jorge Adeler, Adeler Jewelers, Great Falls, VA


IPDC 2011 Orient Award

The award given to the entry that would inspire a new found affinity in someone for cultured pearls. 

“Simply Natural”
Jorge Adeler, Adeler Jewelers, Great Falls, VA


IPDC 2011 Visionary AwardVISIONARY AWARD
The entry that re-defines the iconic pearl strand and shifts the perception of cultured pearls for today’s buyer.

“Queen Beads”
Chi Huynh, Galatea: Jewelry by Artist of San Dimas, California


IPDC 2011 Fashion AwardFASHION AWARD
Fun, fresh, modern. A design which looks as if it came straight from the Paris runway.

“Zinnia Ring with Pearl”
Barbara Heinrich, Barbara Heinrich Studio of Pittsford, NY


IPDC 2011 Wedding Day AwardWEDDING DAY AWARD
Brides and pearls are synonymous. Create a “fantasy wedding” theme with pearls.

“Endless Joy”
Frances Morris of Burlingame, CA


This 2011-2102 edition of the IPDC was truly International in scope.
Entries from eleven countries were received.

Given to entries that demonstrate the high standards of achievement, in accordance with the judging criteria:

JAMES KAYA of Boston, Mass.
KAT GEE of Auckland, New Zealand
JEFF B. HOOPMAN of Akersloot, Holland
AVI RAZ of Los Angeles, California
ERIK STEWART of Tucson, Arizona
CLARE ULLMAN of Berkeley, California
SHARON LIN of Kowloon, Hong Kong
DAVID l. BERNARD of Lafayette, Louisiana
MICHAEL BARTLETT of Lafayette, Louisiana
CODY BUSH of Lafayette, Louisiana
ROBIN WAYNEE of Santa Fe, New Mexico
HEE SONG OF Seoul, South Korea
LARRY HO of Vancouver, Canada
KRISTY ENDO of Hong Kong
WOO-AH KIM of Astoria, New York
ELISA BROWSH of San Francisco, California

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A total of 116 stores entered the 10th annual contest that highlights the best examples of independent jewelry retailers in North America.

“Every year we feel privileged to bring our readers the best of the best in our industry,” said Ralf Kircher, INSTORE’s executive editor. “From its charming interior to its passion for pearls, Elizabeth Blair Fine Pearls easily falls into that category. But a store wouldn’t really fit our ‘cool’ criteria if it weren’t for such aspects as innovative marketing and creative retail environment.”

Stores are judged in exterior appearance, interior appearance, store biography, advertising, website and overall individuality.

Elizabeth “Dilly” Kirby owner of Elizabeth Blair Fine Pearls reports “We are absolutely thrilled beyond words that we received this award. To be tucked away here in Harbor Springs, Michigan and to win, competing against the finest stores across the country, is truly a national accomplishment. 
We are thankful to be embraced and accepted by so many diverse visitors and members of our community here in Harbor Springs. Always striving to provide something special for everyone with our unique pearl designs, we are truly grateful for the growing respect and reception our destination store on Historic Main Street has received. Please come see how we revitalized an old Western Union office and reinvigorated West Main Street and experience our very unique, fun, cool store. I am so very proud to have received this award in America as well as in stunningly beautiful, very cool, Harbor Springs.”
Come visit a winner of AMERICA’S COOLEST SMALL STORE award at 

115 W. MAIN STREET, HARBOR SPRINGS, MICHIGAN. 49740. (231) 526-7500
Open Monday thru Saturday 10-5 in the Summer 
Monday thru Friday 10-5 in the Winter.

The top five winners in the two divisions are given trophies and featured in the August issue of INSTORE and at

INSTORE Magazine’s
2011 America’s Coolest Stores Contest
Entries: 116
Contest year: 10th annual competition

2011 America’s Coolest Stores

Big Cool

  • First Place Tiny Jewel Box, Washington, DC
  • Second Place M.C. Ginsberg: Objects of Art, Iowa City, IA
  • Third Place Levinson Jewelers, Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Fourth Place Betteridge, Vail, CO
  • Fifth Place Hamilton Jewelers, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Small Cool

  • First Place Max’s, St. Louis Park, MN
  • Second Place Robert Goodman Jewelers, Zionsville, IN
  • Third Place Elizabeth Blair Fine Pearls, Harbor Springs, MI
  • Fourth Place Kas A Designs, Jefferson City, MO
  • Fifth Place Mahlia Collection, Tucson, AZ

Preliminary judging process:

Entries are split into two divisions: Small Cool for stores with 5 or fewer full-time employees; and Big Cool for stores with 6 or more 
Entries are made into mini websites, one for each store, at
Five editors spent an average of nine hours each examining all entries
Entries are rated on a scale of 0-100 in six categories: story, exterior appearance, interior appearance, advertising and marketing, website and overall individuality
Total scores were calculated weighting the categories according to importance: story 50 percent, exterior 75 percent, interior 100 percent, advertising 50 percent, website 25 percent and individuality 100 percent.
Out of this first round come 20 finalists in each division
Websites of the top stores, listed in alphabetical order, are released to our two panels of industry-expert judges (7 for Big Cool; 5 for Small Cool)

Final judging process:

Judges rate each store on a scale of 0-100 in the same six categories
The top 5 stores in each category are calculated
The top 5 list in each category is returned to the relevant judges
Judges provide their comments on each of the winning stores in their respective categories

Previous America’s Coolest Stores:

2010 O.C. Tanner, Salt Lake City, UT (Big); Don Muller Gallery, Northampton, MA (Small)
2009 London Jewelers, Manhasset, NY (Big); Zoltan David, Bee Cave, TX (Small)
2008 Lee Read Jewelers, Meridian, ID (Big); Zachary’s Jewelers, Annapolis, MD (Small)
2007 Traditional Jewelers, Newport Beach, CA
2006 Underwoods Jewelers, Fayetteville, AR
2005 Bigham Jewelers, Naples, FL
2004 Wattson & Wattson Jewelers, Marquette, MI
2003 Clodius & Co., Rockford, IL
2002 Decatur City Jewelers, Decatur, GA