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Our History



Clasp Collection, Inc. has been the leading supplier of American-made clasps for over three decades. President and founder Daniel Matallana paved his way on to the jewelry scene with a productive mission in mind. He was determined to create an innovative line of unique clasps and offer the pearl industry an extensive variety of extraordinary clasps. View our complete catalog   assortment on our website,

Established in 1980, Clasp Collection, Inc. remains one of the largest clasp and pearl accessory manufactures in the industry and   is recognized all throughout the USA


      Internationally for several reasons. We are intuitive, innovative, and creative. The key factor behind our success is adaptability. We follow trends, and we set trends all at the same time. We keep up to date with all types of fashion but base our clasp-making concepts on originality. We manufacture in all metals, colors, and karats.                                          

      Clasp Collection, Inc. was the first to introduce the concept of magnetic clasps in 1986. We were the first to create and launch eighteen thousand different styles that are featured on our Clasp Encyclopedia volume 5. Most of our clasps can be adapted to either Magnetic or EZ to Open Mechanisms.  




      Our latest concept for 2014 is called “Replacement and Restoration.” We accommodate the generation of baby boomers who are reaching an age when opening and closing a traditional clasp becomes too big of a task. We devised an original concept that has effectively simplified the usage of all traditional mechanisms such as Plunger, Click, U-Mechanism and Bolt-Mechanism. Our replacement mechanisms are designed to facilitate the opening/closing process on your preexisting clasps and guarantee their safety. We assume the position that a plastic surgeon would and give your old clasps a facelift. We promise we will render them wearable again. We call it a make over when we take over.


      We can use our eye for design or allow you the choice to create your own masterpiece. Our goal is to satisfy your need for beauty and cater to you diligently. We drill pearls and install mechanisms that we feel will provide the best look and security for your clasps. We give you the option to customize and determine what most interests your taste for design. At your request we can insert diamond accents to your pearls and create a radiant shimmer. You are the designer and all that we take credit for is guaranteeing security and delivering perfection. You determine size, color and the amount of insertions or accents that you would like installed on your pearls. We take pride in providing great customer service and we are prepared to meet and address all of your wants, wishes and needs. Don't be shy!




      We appreciate nature's greatest contributions and thank Mother Nature exclusively for providing us with an intricate variety of diverse pearls. Some popular pearls include Rice, Mobe, Tahitian and South Sea. Our goal typically is to attach them as securely as possible.



      We address each customer individually and manufacture each finished clasp to the best of our ability with your up most satisfaction in mind. Every one of our clasps come as a mounting or completely finished with gemstones. We customize our merchandise to your desired length and amount of strands. As always, we fabricate in all metals, different colors and all



        We offer a wide selection of Diamond-Ball clasps designed differently in all sizes and different open/close mechanisms. We carry the traditional round ball as well as the baroque and other variations inspired by Mother Nature

        Diamond ball

        In section I of our Clasp Encyclopedia   you will find all sorts of diamond balls that we offer in several different sizes. The size increment is a half of a millimeter and ranges from six millimeters up to

        sixteen millimeters on our diamond ball collections. We named them the Kissing diamond collection and the Natasha Alexis collection. When you visit our dysmorphic collection located

        on different pages throughout section I, you will be pleasantly surprised by our   wide assortment of designs. You may



        view supplement #1 better known as our Turquoise Catalog for a larger selection of our baroque and dysmorphic designs.   We offer different thickness to customize diamond-setting possibilities but we aim to accommodate your preference. If you aren't interested in diamonds at all we also offer plain metal beads in any color, karat and compliment each clasp with your choice of a finish. The most common finishes include Brushed, Sand-Blasted and Bright.


        Thorough out your entire experience as a customer of ours we promise to pay full attention to all your jewelry. Aside from simply beautifying your clasp,



        we prioritize the absolute need for security and comfort. We pay special attention to customers interested in our diamond balls for quite a few reasons. We are aware that our customers hang pricey strands of pearls and for the purpose of protecting their expensive jewelry we offer a wide selection of closing mechanisms. Our versatile closing mechanisms simplify and facilitate comfort and security. As you can see throughout our catalog we can take a basic squeezable plunger and






        leave it as is or we can alter it to your desirable preference. At your request, we can provide a simple Push and Twist Mechanism or a more sophisticated Push and Release Mechanism. We do promise that every mechanism will be easy to handle and operate. Our mystery clasp is often ignored, however, it is often located in the middle or on the end of each bead clasp. We are happy to address any concerns that you may have about our mystery clasp as the name is commonly confused and/or misunderstood.

        As one of the leading clasp manufacturing companies we are proud to incorporate customer service and security with passion, excellence and determination. Unlike several competitors in the industry, Clasp Collection, Inc. is in a league of it's own and remains second to none as far as safety and design is concerned. We are a team of hard working professionals who take every aspect of our business seriously but focus primarily on customer approval and satisfaction.


        Displayed in Section II of our Clasp Encyclopedia is a vast amount of different bayonet clasps. We produce each bayonet clasp differently to best suit your designs. Our bayonet clasps are fabricated in all metals, as mountings for gemstones, different amounts of strands and with various types of open/close mechanisms. This includes our Push and Pull, Side Squeezed and Slide-Button. Ask about our matching dividers to compliment our clasps and your pearls/beads as well.



        If you are looking to transform your ordinary necklace or bracelet into something extraordinary, we have quite a selection of different style rondells to help you best compliment your necklace or bracelet. We design rondells in plain metal, with diamonds or as mountings. Colored stones are optional, or a sleek enamel finish if interested. We manufacture our rondells in all metals, colors, and karats. We offer our same style graduated rondells to accurately fulfill your need for symmetry when you string your graduated pearls.



        Throughout our experience as a clasp manufacturer we were able to learn that any strand of pearl is subjected to the law of gravity. The physical force causes the clasp to turn around while the back of it becomes exposed. We developed and designed a simple solution, known as our Double-Sided clasp. All Double-Sided clasps are available in various styles, sizes and different colored metals. As always our double-sided clasps are available as blanks or complete with diamonds. Be sure to visit section III of our Clasp Encyclopedia to view our large variety of Double-Sided clasps.


        The best is yet to come! View our website  for our complete collection of clasps and pearl accessories…


             If you need  to Clasp It…
                   Restring It…
                   Enhance It…
                 Re-size It…
                      Modernize It…
             Or just simply make something spectacular…
               You Need our Clasp Collection!              
        Clasp Collection, Inc.
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        Suite 704
        New York, NY 10036
        Phone 646-289-3910
        Fax 646-289-3913






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