Posted on April 17, 2014 by Bo Perry

Imperial PearlsWe are a family owned business with a proud history that dates back to 1893. Our main manufacturing facility is located in East Providence, Rhode Island and recently we acquired a Chinese factory in Panyu. On the web you can find us at

Imperial Pearls - At our shopAt Imperial there are three generations of family members working together under one roof, doing our best day in and day out to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. We are a company of over one hundred employees although not all of our employees are family we try to make them feel as if they are. Imperial is one of the largest manufacturers and wholesalers of cultured pearl jewelry in the United States. Although Pearls account for a small part of the jewelry industry we consider ourselves devoted to spreading the knowledge, and appreciation we have to the masses.

Imperial PearlsOur motto is “We are Pearls” and this is a motto that we live by. Pearls are not just our livelihood but our passion, a passion that translates through the way we do business. We firmly believe the most effective method of selling pearls is through educating our customer what they are buying before making their purchase. Which is why our website houses extensive education section.

Imperial PearlsWe offer one of the largest selections of cultured pearl jewelry in the US covering all price points. Our dedicated and creative team works tirelessly to ensure that our product is always evolving by developing fresh new looks on a daily basis. We now offer a customization option, you choose which type of cultured pearl you want to adorn each item.

Imperial PearlsFor example if the customer is interested in a particular pair of earrings that is on display we will give them the option of either Tahitian, South Sea, Golden South Sea, Freshwater or even Akoya Cultured pearls. While the craftsmanship and quality of our jewelry is extremely important to us, it is the relationships that we have formed selling what we love that matters the most.

Imperial PearlsIt was in 1971 that our current CEO, Banice C. Bazar purchased the company. With the transfer of ownership came a few incredibly special and rare artifacts. One of these artifacts was a Tiara made of Platinum and diamonds boasting a beautiful collection of 171 natural pearls. The Tiara was created as a marketing tool in an era before social networking and computers. The Tiara would go on tour luring interested spectators to trade shows and high-end jewelry stores.

Imperial - Miracle Of The Sea PearlAnother of our prized treasures is known as “The Miracle of the Sea”, a natural pearl measuring a staggering 26x39mm. The pearl was formerly owned by the Dowager Empress of Tzu-His of the Chiang Dynasty, who wore it around her neck as an amulet of good luck. Last year at AGTA we displayed our four-foot replica of the United States Capital building constructed in two hundred seventeen thousand five hundred and twenty nine high quality Akoya pearls. While there are more treasure these three have been favorites of onlookers for years. While our treasures no longer go on tour in jewelry stores display cases they do make an occasional appearance at trade shows. The tiara will be on display in Tucson at the AGTA show this year, with the CPAA.

Imperial PearlsIn every organization there are different values and beliefs as with every individual. At Imperial while dollars and cents are important to run a healthy operation, what truly means the most to us is our family, our friends, and our desire to share with others our knowledge of pearls and the un rivaled beauty in which our pearls posses.

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