Tara & Sons, Inc.

Posted on April 18, 2014 by Bo Perry

Tara & Sons, Inc.

Since the beginning of history, the pearl has been extolled as a metaphor for life itself, for virtue and love, wisdom and justice, spirituality and righteousness. It is with an abiding reverence for this timeless and universal gem that Tara and Sons, Inc., purveyors of the world’s finest pearls, creates its exquisite jewelry collections.

Unsurpassed artisan craftsmanship and a commitment to working with only the finest Tahitian & South Sea cultured pearls, diamonds, platinum and gold have been the hallmarks of Tara & Sons since 1974. When Tara C. Sethi first established his place in the industry he also vowed to provide the world with the finest jewelry available. Today, that dream lives on in the “gem-centric” approach of the entire Sethi family.

Tara & Sons has crafted fine private label pearl creations for the world’s top jewelry retailers for over 30 years. With the TARA line, the company is now openly available to the luxury lifestyle consumer, specializing in creating decadent strands, necklaces, pendants, earrings and rings using the finest pearls and diamonds in existence.

With each season, Tara & Sons continues to evolve their collections, creating jewelry that is distinctively “TARA”: elegantly classic and contemporary. Drawing inspiration from the gems themselves, Tara has developed savvy and stylish collections for today’s most discerning jewelry customer.


Dancing Diamonds®
Along with TARA’s repute for mastering designs using the finest pearls available to man, comes a constant enthusiasm to discover multiple designs which will enhance any jewel’s presence. Dancing Diamond® pieces are created in 18 karat gold, blend the simple beauties of perfect pearls and dazzling diamonds in designs which allow for movement with each step and instantly capture attention.

With expertly chosen pearls and diamonds accented with dangling, mobile diamonds, TARA’s dancing diamond collection adds a little excitement to an already stunning piece.

This innovative and enthralling collection consists of earrings and pendants in Tahitian, White South Sea, Golden South Sea, and Freshwater pearls as well as diamonds set in white and yellow gold. All chains are also adjustable from 16 inches to 18 inches in length. There are over 50 different styles that are available in the Dancing Diamond collection.

Tara & Sons, Inc. - Dancing Diamond collection

Oscar Collection
TARA was selected to include a Tahitian pendant to be placed in the 78th Annual Academy Awards Gift Basket and from this exquisite single pendant, the Oscar Collection was designed. This distinctive collection consists of earrings, pendants and rings made with magnificent baroque Golden South Sea, White South Sea and Tahitian pearls. Each piece is hand wrapped in diamonds set in 14 karat white and yellow gold. The beauty of the Oscar Collection lies in its versatility. The styling lends it’s self to be the perfect accent to an evening gown or the finishing touch to an everyday outfit.

Tara & Sons, Inc. - Oscar Collection

Tara & Sons, Inc. - Museum CollectionMuseum Collection
Viewing a TARA Museum piece, it is easy to understand why at one time only kings and queens were permitted to own these beautiful gems. Comprised of stunning pearl strands, diamond and pearl necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets featuring 18kt white and yellow gold, as well as platinum, the TARA Museum pieces feature the finest pearls and diamonds nature has to offer. Crafted couture designs as unique as your individual style also mirror the exclusive character of each one of these prestigious gems.

Tara & Sons, Inc. - Conch CollectionConch Collection
Adoration for this gem dates back as far as the Aztecs, who used conch pearls in their artwork and ceremonies. In the late 19th century, the conch pearl also made appearances in Art Noveau and Edwardian jewelry. Members of the Royal family such as Queen Mary acquired jewelry that showcased the elusive and extraordinary conch pearl.

It is with this appreciation and understanding of the history of Conch pearls that TARA designs these one of a kind pieces. Featuring Conch Pearls set on platinum with GH / VS diamonds and in available in long and short necklaces plus matching sets of earrings and rings.

Sterling Silver Collection
With gold prices reaching new highs and the strong demand for more price conscience pearl jewelry, TARA has created the Sterling Silver Collection. Dubbed as the new “White Gold”, the Sterling Silver collection features modern and fashion forward pieces. Using Tahitian and Freshwater pearls mixed with intricate designs each piece caters to a wide range of audiences.

This collection includes earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and rings in sterling silver. The necklaces are available in long and layered looks or short to medium lengths. The sterling silver is also accented by black enamel or gemstones.

Tara & Sons, Inc. - Sterling Silver Collection

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