CPAA Designer Membership

Designer Memberships shall be available in this Association to Designers who distinguish themselves using cultured pearls. The Board of Directors shall, on an annual basis, determine the annual fees applicable to Designer Membership. The annual fees shall initially be determined by the board. Designer members shall enjoy all rights and privileges of regular members of the association, except that they shall not have the right to vote, nor the right to serve as officers or Directors of the Association. They shall be subject to all the provisions of Article III of the Associations by-laws. 

The dues for 2014 are $500.00 for the year on an annualized basis.


We (I) respectfully apply for membership in your organization. If elected, we (I) agree to conform to the By-Laws and rules of the Association.

 Corporation  Partnership  Sole Proprietorship

 Yes  No

Upon acceptance of your membership, your dues will be prorated, depending of the date of your acceptance.

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