International Pearl
Design Competition 2015

International Pearl Design Competition



The purpose of the International Design Completion is to celebrate and recognize design excellence of all types of Cultured Pearls under the authority of the Cultured Pearl Association of America. The Awards will be of international significance. The judging process is anonymous, transparent and confidential. Judges will be leaders of the jewelry industry including editors, writers, buyers, craftsmen and sellers of cultured pearls.
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An Award given to the entry that most demonstrates the high level of achievement that the given Award signifies, in accordance with the judging criteria. A Commendation is given to entries that demonstrate high standards of achievement, in accordance with the judging criteria.
There will be significant media opportunities (print and on-line) including coverage by industry publications and website.
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  • President’s Trophy - the highest honor awarded to a design which unanimously captivated all judges as the best of the best.
  • Luster Award - given to the entry that is judged “most marketable” of all the entries in the competition. This design will be considered as having the most appeal for the retail marketplace.
  • Designer’s Award - given to the entry that takes pearls to the far corners of the imagination and beyond (originality).
  • Brilliance Award - given to the entry which best illustrates the spectrum of pearl colors in the most beautiful way.
  • Orient Award - the award given to the entry that would inspire a new found affinity in someone for cultured pearls.
  • The Visionary Award - the entry that re-defines the iconic pearl strand, shifting the perception of cultured pearls for today’s buyer.
  • Wedding Day Pearls - Brides and Pearls are synonymous; create a “fantasy wedding” with cultured pearls.
  • The Fashion Award - Fun, fresh, modern. A design which looks as if it came straight from the Paris runway.
  • Fantasy Award - Conceptual, Aspirational Design; Prohibitive to Fabricate.
Award winners will receive the prize associated with the particular Award, a “Symbol of Excellence” honor, use of the IPDC logo for all printed and web based information and a beautifully framed certificate.
Commendations receive a certificate and use of the IPDC logo for all printed and web based information.
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How To Enter

Entry submissions will be accepted beginning
Monday June 3rd until 5:00pm EST on Thursday September 22nd, 2016.
An Email confirming receipt of entry will be sent to all applicants within seven days of submission.
Requests to withdraw an entry will be accepted if made in writing no later than 3 days of submission, with a full refund of fees. After the 3 day period an entry can be with drawn but no refund of fees will occur.
Winners will be informed by November 1st, 2016 so that they will be able to make their piece for presentation at the 2017 AGTA show and the 2017 JCK Show.
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Submission Requirements

Entry materials will not be returned and will remain the property of the CPAA. To ensure anonymity in judging, no names of applicants should appear on front side of submissions, please mark on the back side. (VERY IMPORTANT)
The following items must be must be included with each submission:
  • Copy of the entry form with all sections complete.
  • Images: send a minimum of one and a maximum of 5 images for each entry. All entries can be by sketch, drawing, painted image or digital image. Images will be accepted on DVD or CD (either MAC or PC) in JPEG format only. (PLEASE JPEG ONLY)
  • Images should be no larger than 8 ½” x 11”. Any larger will not be accepted.
  • The actual piece of jewelry does not have to be made for submission. Only the winners of each category will be asked to make their piece for exhibition.
  • A fee of $150.00 per entry can be paid by check or credit card.
  • Each subsequent entry is $100.00 (Max 5)
CPAA Foundation, Premium and Designer members receive a 25% discount on all entry fees
Entries must be received by September 22nd, 2016
All entries entered by the Early Entry date of August 31, 2016 will receive a FREE raffle ticket to win "A South Sea Adventure" to Bali! 
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