Pearl Trader Sponsorship

The Cultured Pearl Association of America, Inc., established in 1957, is comprised of the most respected wholesalers, importers, dealers, manufacturers, e-commerce - leaders in the U.S. pearl market.  We target those you want to sell pearls to and those who can sell your pearls.

I’m excited to share some great news!

The Cultured Pearl Association of America is announcing a new membership category, PEARL TRADER SPONSOR to highlight individual companies.

I’d like to personally extend my invitation to you and assert you will see just how advantageous this offer is.

Here are some highlights of membership sponsorship.

Raise your companies profile and awareness among our pearl importing/buying membership.

  • We will e-mail your marketing communication to our importing/buying members 3 times a year; pre- show September, March and June. This is target specific to the people you want to reach!
  • This means that you will be seen and remembered by those whose attention you want to get, our pearl importers/buying membership.
  • You will receive a personalized plaque recognizing your support of cultured pearls in America.
  • The CPAA logo superimposed with "Pearl Trader Sponsor" will be made available to you for display on your website and other social media.
  • We will produce educational material to include new advances and innovations fresh water pearls are famous for.


During the course of the year we will offer PEARL TRADER SPONSORS exclusive opportunities    

to increase your profile among American buyers.

1 year membership    $750.00      12 months

Please contact us today and let’s start spreading our pearl messages together.

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